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Sweet salads

A sweet salad can replace dessert or fruit on the table, but it can also act as a hearty dish on its own. More details about sweet salads... Sweet salad recipes can be divided into sweet fruit salads and sweet vegetable salads. Vegetable sweet salads, these are sweet cucumber salad, sweet beetroot salad, sour sweet cabbage salad, sweet carrot salad, sweet corn pepper salad, sweet fresh cabbage salad. If often fruit salads are sweet in themselves, then in the case of vegetable sweet salads, sugar is usually added to them to add sweetness, as well as such an important ingredient in a sweet vegetable salad as vinegar or lemon juice. A small sourness is very suitable for sweet salads, so special dressing is often used and sweet and sour salad is prepared. In addition to vinegar, fermented milk products are used to season sweet salads, especially fruit ones. For example, sweet salads with yogurt are very popular. Sweet fruit salads are also topped with sour cream. But you can use the same lemon with sugar, fruit syrup, honey. So prepare a sweet salad with prunes, a sweet salad with pineapple. Often meat is added to fruit salads, many people know sweet chicken salad. For children to eat more healthy fruits, they often make sweet salads for children. In addition, you can cook original, unusual sweet salads for your birthday or other holiday. If you love Asian cuisine, you can find plenty of sweet salad recipes in it. How to make a sweet salad will tell you the recipes of Chinese, Thai, Indian cuisines. Therefore, choose and cook sweet salads, recipes with photos will help you cook them quickly and beautifully.