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Sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is a simple, it seems, thing, but if you do not know the right proportions of sugar syrup, then thick sugar syrup may not work. More details about sugar syrup... Sugar syrup is a recipe you may need to make a wide variety of dishes. Judge for themselves, prepare sugar syrup for cocktails, sugar syrup for compote, sugar syrup for cake, sugar syrup for biscuit, sugar syrup for jam. A recipe for how to boil sugar syrup will require precision from you. Therefore, it is important to first read how to cook sugar syrup. The main problems associated with the preparation of sugar syrup are how much to cook sugar syrup, and the correct calculation of sugar syrup. So, in a nutshell, how to make sugar syrup: dissolve sugar in warm water, bring to a boil, boil for 2-3 minutes. There are several rules regarding how to cook sugar syrup. First, when boiling, you need to remove the foam. Secondly, if the sugar syrup at home turned out to be cloudy, it must be filtered and purified with egg white. The concentration of sugar syrup is easily determined, for this there is a table of sugar syrup. Sugar syrup for impregnating biscuit and the like can be prepared from conventional sugar. But if you are interested in sugar syrup for cocktails, the recipe can use cane or dark sugar. Well, that's it, now you know how to make sugar syrup. How to make it for specific purposes, our recipes will tell you.