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Seen - thick and homogeneous jam. It is perfectly suitable for filling, since it does not spread. More details about what I saw...It is convenient to use it for filling or smear on toast. It is believed that how to cook was invented in Poland. The recipe is based on long-term boiling of fruits and berries. Thus, apple saw, apricot see, strawberry see, see from plums, see from cherry plum, see from cherry plum, see from cherry. I saw from apples - the recipe is very popular, because it happened quite quickly and easily prepared. The thing is that apples contain pectin, which makes it easier to cook. Even soft and lying apples can use the apple recipe. Another popularly loved recipe, the strawberry recipe, already uses pectin or gelatin to thicken. Whatever recipe you choose, the recipe is apple, the cherry recipe is seen, the plum recipe is seen, the recipe is seen from apricots or others, as a general rule, sugar is added only after boiling. So I saw it preparing faster, because excess moisture leaves faster, and also saw it retains its color. Often spices such as cinnamon, cloves are added to the sight.