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Ice cream

Ice cream is a frozen sweet mixture of dairy products with various additives. The ice cream recipe has been known for a long time. Even in ancient China and the ancient world, snow or pieces of ice were mixed with crushed fruits. More about ice cream... It is believed that in Europe, how to make ice cream was learned thanks to Marco Polo. And the modern composition of ice cream with milk and sugar was invented in the Paris cafe "Tortoni" at the end of the 18th century. Although historians know that how to make ice cream from milk was also known in Kievan Rus. Even then, our slingers ate ice cream at home, serving finely cursed frozen milk on the table. And on Maslennitsa they made another kind of homemade ice cream, the recipe of which provided for a mixture of frozen cottage cheese, sour cream, raisins and sugar.

Today, ice cream is usually made from milk, cream, butter, sugar, flavors and flavors. However, there are many differences in ice cream recipes. Surely you know and love ice cream ice cream, the recipe was also invented in France. Ice cream ice cream is made from whole milk or cream with an increased number of eggs. Ice cream is good in that it easily perceives various tastes and aromas. There is chocolate ice cream, various ice cream desserts. If you want to make an original cake, ice cream can help you out too. But perhaps the most original ice cream-based recipe, this is fried ice cream. Recipe Fried ice cream resembles a French dessert and a variety of creme brulee ice cream.

Many ask how to make ice cream at home. The recipe for ice cream at home does not contain preservatives, milk substitutes and other not very useful ingredients. How to make homemade ice cream? First, you need a fridge. Secondly, it should have cream, milk, eggs. But then it will be a little more difficult, but as they say, it is better to see how to make ice cream at home once than to hear a hundred times. So that you get the right, tasty ice cream, photo with step-by-step instructions to help you: )