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Sugar glaze is a glossy coating that is used to shape and finish confections. More details about the glaze... Glaze is a traditional decoration for cakes, sweet pastries, cookies. Sugar glaze gives even the most ordinary dough products a mouth-watering and festive look. Thanks to the glaze, the pastries keep fresh longer. White glaze is easy to prepare and use. Coating confectionery products based on boiled sugar syrup is also called sugar fudge, lipstick. The names sugar fudge, sugar fudge are quite common, but the recipes for sugar fudge are almost the same as those for glaze.

How to make a glaze?

There are many options for how to make sugar glaze. Basically, all glaze recipes are distinguished by the presence or absence of protein, fat, coloring and flavoring additives in their composition. For example, sugar glaze, chocolate glaze, lemon glaze.

The recipe for sugar glaze is very simple. Preparation of the glaze requires a minimum of ingredients. The easiest way is to make icing from icing sugar and water. If you add cocoa powder, we get a chocolate glaze recipe. Lemon glaze has an interesting taste - for its preparation, we replace water with lemon juice. The recipe for protein glaze is a little more intricate - syrup is added to pre-whipped protein.

Protein glaze is a wonderful decoration of muffins and cakes. It is also traditionally decorated with Easter cake. The protein glaze remains soft inside when dried.

Cake glaze - most often soft, creamy, with added fat. Chocolate glaze or protein and lemon glaze looks especially beautiful in this design. And the option for cookies, bagels, gingerbread is hard, tiny sugar glaze, without protein. Icing is also very popular - this is the name of unusually beautiful three-dimensional jewelry painted with glaze.

More detailed answers to the questions: how to make icing, how to make sugar icing, how to make chocolate icing, how to make icing for cupcake, how to make icing for cake, icing for cake and, of course, icing for Easter cake, you will learn from the recipes of our site. After all, we have more than a hundred different recipes for glaze, including recipes for chocolate glaze from cocoa and chocolate, recipes for lemon glaze, recipes for orange glaze, recipes for glaze from coffee, pistachio, cream cheese, honey, nutmeg, rose water, recipes for glaze with rum, cognac, liquor, wine, milk, juices, cinnamon, saffron, vanilla. . . For every taste and color!