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Jelly dessert

Jelly desserts are sweet dishes of gelatinous consistency, usually fruity or milky. More details about jelly desserts... Ease of preparation, use only natural and useful ingredients, original appearance - all this is home-made jelly. You'll also need jelly recipes if you want to make an extraordinary cake or brownies. Jelly is a bright, tasty and extraordinary gelatine dessert, which is obtained due to the presence of pectin in the ingredients, or the use of gelatine. The base of jelly can be different, it is it that gives the predominant taste of jelly. Fruit jelly is most common. The recipe for fruit jelly without gelatin uses apples, since it is these fruits that contain a lot of pectin, which causes the jelly to freeze. Otherwise, gelatin, pectin or agar are added. Delicious fruit jellies, these are currant jelly, orange juice jelly, raspberry berry jelly. Sometimes a dessert such as fruit in jelly is also served. You can also make a fruit jam jelly. Fruit, as a rule, produces transparent jelly. This cannot be said when sour cream jelly, curd jelly, milk jelly or chocolate jelly is prepared. Milk jelly, sour cream jelly is made from the same gelatin that is used to prepare other types of jelly. The preparation of milk jelly or jelly with sour cream is the same simple: soaked jelly, added to warm boiled milk, stirred, added vanillin, and set to freeze in a cold place. How it sets - your milk jelly is ready. A recipe with gelatin is one of the fastest and most affordable, gelatin freezes faster than, say, agar. By combining several colorful jellies, you can prepare a cheerful jelly broken glass. It can be fruit jelly of various colors and milk jelly. Glass is just like real, it is very tasty and really likes children.

A common question is how to make gelatin jelly. The main thing here is to correctly calculate the proportions. For the 1 part of gelatin, 8-10 parts of water should be taken. After the jelly sets, excess water should be drained. If you're interested in how to make homemade jelly, the video will be a good clue. There are other nuances to how to make jelly. You cannot use aluminum dishes. Another secret, how to cook jelly at home without lumps: the bottom of the dishes for gelatin should not be cold. And when the jelly sets and you need to take it out of the dishes, you should put the dishes in hot water for a few seconds, after that put your jelly on a cold plate. The recipe with the photo will show you how it is done. Choose the appropriate recipe and see how to make homemade jelly, photos and comments are attached. You can also make delicious homemade jelly from agar. The recipe is similar, but agar should be taken 2 times less than gelatin. Finally, it should be noted that jelly is good for the body. Gelatin is good for joints, and pectin and agar are excellent intestinal adsorbents.