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The classic recipe for ajika - spicy Abkhaz seasoning - contains pepper, garlic, salt, spicy herbs as ingredients. More details about Ajik...
Ajika has long been widely used in Caucasian cuisine, so some consider ajika to be Caucasian, Georgian or Armenian seasoning, but Abkhazians insist on their priority. Preparing ajika in the traditional way is a laborious process: sun-dried pepper pods, along with garlic and spices, are thoroughly rubbed with the help of two flat stones into a homogeneous mass. Modern ajika production, thanks to meat grinders and blenders, has been simplified, but foodies prefer fresh ajika prepared using ancient technology.

Red hot pepper is the basis of the composition of ajika, it is it, and not tomatoes, gives the real ajika a dark red color. There were no tomatoes in the classic recipe of the Abkhaz adjika.

Over time, the main recipe for making ajika has many variations: tomato ajika from tomatoes, salad pepper ajika, horseradish ajika. Ajika with nuts is used as a sauce to many Georgian dishes. Ajika with apples is distinguished by a more delicate taste and aroma. Ajika red is also not dogma - there is also a green ajika. What green ajika is made of is easy to understand - hot and salad green pepper with a lot of spicy greens. Green ajika is used for sauces, as a seasoning for soup and dairy products. As a seasoning when frying, it is not suitable. For this purpose, a red adjika sauce is used.

Any dishes with ajika acquire a unique taste. You'll make sure by using our site's recipes. Duck and chicken with ajika, pork and other types of meat with ajika, aubergines in ajika, prepared according to our recipes, will become the decoration of your table.

How to make ajika for the winter you will be told our recipes for this seasoning (there are more than a hundred of them). Made with your own hands, homemade ajika will not only give a special piquancy to your dishes, but also create a special mood.

The benefits of ajika are confirmed by doctors: it has an antiviral effect, improves metabolism and stimulates digestion. Acute ajika should be consumed without fanaticism - the calorie content of ajika is small, but in large quantities it can cause irritation of the stomach lining.


1. Making ajiki at home requires caution: when processing hot peppers, wear rubber gloves so that the skin of your hands does not suffer.

2. To quickly make a delicious and original sauce for the meat, add sour cream or tomato juice to the adjika before serving.

3. Ajika mixed with salt is good for smearing chicken or meat before roasting in the oven.