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Fish soup

Ear is a Russian national liquid dish. The word "ear" comes from the ancient Indo-European root jus, meaning "decoction" or "liquid." Initially, "ear" is soup, in fact any liquid dish. And only at the end of the XVII - beginning of the XVIII centuries in Russia the name "ear" is assigned exclusively to a fish dish. More details about the ear... There are several opinions on how to prepare a classical ear. First: the ear is always prepared from one type of fish. Therefore, there is an ear from a semga, an ear from a pike, an ear from a trout, ear from carp, ear from sterlet, ear from perch, ear from pink salmon, ear from walleye, ear from crucian carp, ear from catfish, ear from sturgeon, ear of carp, ear of salmon, ear of bream, ear of saira, cod ear, ruff ear, pollock ear, cod ear, mackerel ear, pelengas ear, silver carp ear, burbot ear, roach ear. The second opinion and the second technology allow the preparation of ear from several varieties of fish - mixed or in several techniques. For example, small fish are boiled first, and then in this decoction they cook more expensive and tasty. The ear, the recipe for which includes changing three portions of fish, is called the triple ear. The royal ear is prepared according to the same principle, however, on chicken or even mushroom broth. The ear, the recipe for which provides for its preparation on chicken broth, is also called the rooster ear.

The calorie content of the ear depends on the variety of fish and varies from 45 to 70 Kcal per 100 g. Fish for the ear can be the most diverse. The traditional, real ear comes in several kinds. White ear - ear from river fish: from ruffle (it is believed that ruffle makes the most tasty ear - because of ruffle slime), perch, walleye, whitefish. Black ear - from fish less suitable for the ear: ass, carp, chub, crucian carp, carp, redhead. A red fish ear is called a red ear. The fishing ear stands apart. An ear at the stake is not making an ear at home. Fishing ear is prepared from any fish that they managed to catch. Any fisherman knows how to cook an ear: water must be from the river, in an almost finished ear you need to extinguish the smoldering head, and be sure to add a little vodka or pepper to the ear at the end.

As you can see, there are many ways to cook your ear. The preparation of the ear often has its own local features. For example, an ear with a dog or other cereal has long been common among Cossacks. In the Russian North, among the Pomors - the ear of the heads of the semga. A typically Volga ear is a sterlet ear. The original recipe has an ear in Finnish. Finland is a country of thousands of lakes, the Finns know how to cook an ear. The Finnish cream ear will leave few people indifferent. Today, even a canned ear is quite popular. The canned ear recipe captivates with its simplicity: it threw canned fish into a decoction of vegetables, and the canned ear is ready.

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How to cook your ear correctly.

- Do not cook your ear in aluminum utensils.

- How to weld the ear transparent? Don't put potatoes in your ear.

- How much to cook your ear will tell you the eyes of the fish - they should turn white. Just in case, add another five minutes, but the total time is a maximum of 20 minutes. Then let the ear brew a little.

- After making the ear, take out the bay leaf from it, otherwise the ear can then mustard.

- Put the greens in a plate with your ear, not in a saucepan.