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Beetroot soup

Some varieties of cold soups are beetroot and cold, which are cooked on beet decoction, often with the addition of kvass, kefir, cucumber or cabbage brine. Beetroot - Russian cold beet soup, a kind of cold borscht. The preparation of beetroot is especially popular in hot summers. How to make beetroot? Look further on about beetroot and cold...The classic beetroot recipe provides for the preparation of cold soup on bread kvass and beetroot decoction. It is with them that boiled vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes), chopped fresh cucumbers, green onions and dill are poured. Among the spices, salt, sugar and citric acid are used. As a rule, cold beetroot is served with boiled egg and sour cream. However, there is also a recipe for hot beetroot. The main difference from cold soup is that the same set of vegetables, plus tomato paste, in the recipe of hot beetroot are previously stewed in a pan, and hot beetroot is served, respectively, hot. How to cook beetroot tasty? Use young beets and beetroot tops. If you want to make beetroot with meat, you should only add cooked meat, ham or sausage to the recipe. A delicious beetroot turns out if you add a little horseradish to it. Pickled beet beetroot has a special taste. Children's beetroot is prepared as low as possible - a minimum of sour cream and fatty meat. Instead of kvass, fermented milk products can also be used to make cold soup. This is how beetroot is prepared on kefir, prostokvash or yogurt. In fact, this is already a recipe for cold soup - another cold soup that is characteristic of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish cuisine. Belarusian chilli is usually cooked on kefir. Cold can also be prepared on a boil of sorrel, there is also a cold made of beet, with the addition of boiled or pickled beets, and fresh vegetables (chopped cucumber, onion, dill). The cold recipe contains one prerequisite: the soup must be brewed in the refrigerator for at least an hour. However, it is not enough to know how to cook cold with beetroot, you also need to know and with what to serve this cold soup. According to tradition, hot boiled potatoes are served to the beetroot cold to emphasize the taste of the dish. In addition to the fact that beetroot and cold are very tasty and healthy soups, they also look great: burgundy-red, with thick white sour cream, herbs and a slice of yellow lemon.

Having prepared one of these cold soups according to our recipe, be sure to take a photo of a beetroot or a photo of a cold one - as a keepsake. Because thanks to your family and friends, very soon there will be only memories of him. Well, we will gladly publish your recipe for cold or a recipe for beetroot with a photo.