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Russian cabbage soup

Shchi is the first dish, a type of dressing soup. If you are interested in questions: cabbage soup, cabbage soup recipe, how to cook cabbage soup, cabbage soup recipe, then there will be hundreds of tasty answers.More about cabbage soup... Shchi is a national Russian dish. They differ in the sour taste created by sauerkraut, usually used in cabbage soup. But the acid can also give other plants, such as sorrel, nettle, or neutral herbs, followed by dressing with cabbage or other brine. The laying of vegetables in the soup is usually made raw, without prior frying. The liquid basis of cabbage soup can be meat, fish, mushroom broths, decoctions of vegetables or cereals. Fully vegetable cabbage soup is called "empty. " "Daily" cabbage soup is well known, which acquires its taste only a day after their preparation. Often cabbage soup is "whitened" with sour cream, cream or milk.

Tips for cooking cabbage soup:

When boiling cabbage soup, sauerkraut is placed in cold broth (or water), and stewed - in boiling.

Delicious cabbage soup can even be made from very sour cabbage. To do this, you need to replace part of the sour cabbage with fresh. At the same time, only sauerkraut is stewed, and fresh cabbage is placed in boiling broth.

Shchi from fresh cabbage without potatoes is recommended to season with toasted flour.

Cabbage soup themselves have a delicate taste and a subtle aroma, so you should not add tomato to them, it is advisable to limit the amount of spices as well.

Prepare cabbage soup according to our recipe, take a photo of your cabbage soup and place it under the recipe - treat everyone with your cabbage soup. Let everyone learn to cook delicious cabbage soup!