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Okroshka on serum

Okroshka on serum is a summer recipe, like other okroshka recipes. However, okroshka on serum is pleasant and healthy to eat at any time of the year. More details about okroshka on serum...
The recipe for okroshka on serum has its admirers, they will not exchange okroshka on serum for any other. We will tell you how to cook okroshka on serum tasty. To make okroshka tighter, okroshka is usually prepared on whey with sausage. Serum for okroshka on serum can be prepared by itself, it will taste better. To do this, the kefir is frozen and squeezed out. Add some mustard and citric acid to the okroshka on the serum. And also do not spare green onions and dill. Put sour cream, with it you will get a richer okroshka on the serum. The recipe with the photo will demonstrate all the operations for making okroshka on serum.