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Broth - this liquid decoction of meat, fish, vegetables or mushrooms is well known to us since childhood. Especially chicken broth, although someone prefers beef broth, vegetable broth, fish broth or mushroom broth. More on broths...Broth in adult years we do not remember so often. But when we get sick, the broth is sometimes even included not in the culinary recipe, but in the recipe prescribed by the doctor. And this is not surprising, because the broth is very easily absorbed, warms and does not strain the weakened body. Plus it has a controlled calorie content - excess fat can always be removed. But even in a healthy time, do not forget about the broth. First, broth is at the heart of many culinary dishes. And secondly. . . After all, if the broth managed to cook beautiful - transparent, appetising color, with cheerful greens, then it itself will become the decoration of any table. How to cook broth? Choose, there are many recipes here! Don't forget to read the tips too - how to make the broth clear, how to lighten the broth. . . If you wish, you can treat yourself to a variety and prepare a broth with different vegetables, for example, with cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, as well as with vermicelli, noodles, rice, omelette, dumplings, meatballs, omelette, rice, celery, egg. ripples and even trepangs. . . Although for me it is still the most delicious - chicken broth with meatballs. Mom's. And it's easier to cook it: I asked my mother - and it's ready!

Tips for how to cook broth:

To make the broth boiling and strong, bones, meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables are poured with cold water. If you want the contents of the broth to keep more useful in yourself without giving it to the broth, then put it in hot water.

Water per 1 portion is usually poured 2-

2. 5 a glass, taking into account that near the cup it will evaporate during cooking. Then it is undesirable to top up the water - the taste of the broth will be worse.

The broth is salted immediately. But if the broth is needed for the subsequent preparation of other dishes, then be careful with salt, so as not to run into a problem later. In this case, it is better to add more later.

The broth must be boiled over a medium heat. Strong fire - cloudy broth, weak fire - weak broth.

Once the stock has boiled, remove the foam with a slotted spoon and lower the heat.

During cooking, it is recommended to remove fat glitter, since if the fat is heated for a long time, it acquires an unpleasant taste and smell.

Remember that the digested broth disappears in taste and aroma. Meat broth is usually boiled for up to two hours (only pure bone broth can be boiled for up to three), fish broth - an hour, mushroom broth - until the mushrooms become soft.

An hour before the end of cooking, it is recommended to put onions, carrots, parsley and celery roots in the broth, and bay leaves in 5 minutes.

If you cook chicken stock from a wonderful fresh chicken, then it is better to avoid spices to preserve the natural aroma. But this is if from wonderful and fresh. . .

How to lighten the broth? If you want to lighten the broth, use special guts that can be made from meat or protein (see our recipes).

The finished broth is strained.

Don't abuse bouillon cubes.

If you want to cook the right chicken broth, never write "chicken, " "bulEn, " "bulYon. "