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Borsch "fast"

1 serving

Put all vegetables for borscht in a saucepan along with tomato puree dressing. Fry the onions on pork or chicken fat and put in a saucepan. Pour water, salt to taste and cook until half cooked. Then add pieces of raw fish and cook until cooked. At the end of cooking, season with crushed garlic. Put the greens and sour cream or mayonnaise before serving. To cook the soup faster, grate all vegetables, except potatoes. In this case, the fish must be placed with vegetables, boiled over low heat with stirring.

sea fish - 400-500 g, potatoes - 3 pcs., beets - 1 pc., carrots - 1 pc., tomato puree - 150 g, onions - 2 pcs., lard - 50 g, or chicken fat - 50 g, white cabbage - 0.25 head, greens to taste, sour cream to taste, salt to taste, spices to taste, garlic to taste