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Fruit, berry or vegetable juice is one of the healthiest drinks. Natural, home-cooked juice, it's really pure health. More details about juice... There are two types of juice: freshly squeezed and cooked, i. e. pasteurized. How to cook freshly squeezed juice seems to be understandable: this requires a juicer or meat grinder at worst. Everything else is a matter of technology. Juices for cooking fresh juices are also different - for oranges, hard fruits, etc. But how to cook juice for future use? For example, some fruit and berry juice? First, grind your berries, then squeeze the juice from the resulting mash and filter the cake. This can be done with special attachments for meat grinders or simply with gauze. Then dilute the juice with water, add the sugar. After that, the juice is brought to a boil and poured into sterilized jars. Another way, like making juice at home, is to chop/grind berries or fruits, then boil them and then filter the juice. But these are just general recommendations for how to cook juice at home. It significantly saves time and raw materials for preparing juice in a juicer. How to make juice in a juicer can usually be read in the instructions. Cooked juice at home has many benefits: it is preservative-free, retains the benefits of fruit, berries and vegetables as much as possible, and allows you to create your own desired juice flavour by mixing ingredients.