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Chocolate is not only in the form of bars, it is also a hot drink or a tasty dessert. More details about chocolate... Of course, you can buy it in powder and then just dilute it with water, but you can also cook delicious, natural homemade hot chocolate. The recipe is uncomplicated and quick. Especially if you will cook with photo prompts, these are Home chocolate (recipe with photo), Hot chocolate (photo), How to make chocolate (recipe with photo), How to make chocolate (recipe with photo). I must say that in different countries you will be answered differently what hot chocolate is and how to make hot chocolate. For some, hot chocolate is a cocoa hot chocolate drink, for others, the recipe for hot chocolate is to melt solid chocolate. Accordingly, there are several ways to make hot chocolate. The cocoa hot chocolate recipe is recommended for children because the amount of chocolate can be adjusted. But the recipe for molten chocolate is more calorific, it may not have milk, so you need to know the measure when you eat or drink such chocolate. The recipe with cocoa is very simple, you need cocoa powder, sugar and milk. Sometimes some starch is also added when chocolate is made from cocoa powder. Chocolate recipe at home: mix cocoa and sugar, dilute with water, add warm milk, heat and get chocolate. The recipe for making thick chocolate from chocolate bars is somewhat different. The chocolate is melted in a water bath. Bitter chocolate is usually used. The recipe is therefore also called melted chocolate. Such chocolate is often used as a glaze, but in many countries it is simply eaten with a spoon of coffee and water. So that it does not freeze and turns out more liquid chocolate, the recipe recommends adding butter or cream to hot chocolate. This will make homemade milk chocolate. A milk chocolate recipe with sour cream or cream is sure to appeal to you. As a result, we get an interesting dessert - milk liquid chocolate. The recipe for homemade hot chocolate can be diversified with the addition of coconut chips, cinnamon, peanuts. And also, hot chocolate at home will taste better if you add liquor or rum to it. A simple chocolate recipe will not take you a long time, but you will enjoy fragrant hot chocolate.