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Fizz is a carbonated soft drink made by the method of artificial chemical gasification. More details about the fizz... Surely in childhood everyone remembered the Soviet fizz. In times of shortage, this drink was very popular, because you need a minimum of products to get an effervescence: soda, citric acid, water, sugar. Today we are spoiled for various drinks, but sometimes we remember how to make a soda fizz. Citric acid and soda fizz is also often used to reduce stomach acidity, with heartburn and hangovers. The recipe for soda and citric acid fizz is based on a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide.

Home fizz has its advantages. Such a fizz of soda and vinegar is being prepared, plus sugar and something natural - jam, fruit syrup, etc. No flavour substitutes or flavors. Fizz at home for children does not pose a danger, although you should be careful with its amount. Lemon, raspberry, vanilla, strawberry, cherry - the taste of fizz can be very different. Photo cooking fizz will show you the sequence of actions. There are several ways to make a soda fizz, all of which differ only in how you will breed the fizz ingredients. Here's how to make a homemade fizz for future use: mix soda powder, citric acid and powdered sugar, then take it with a dry spoon and dilute with water as needed. Another option for making soda fizz is to add soda to the citric acid solution. Everything is very simple, but if you want to play it safe, see how to make a fizz (video). Fizz is great for refreshing in hot weather, usually it is prepared and served chilled.