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Rum is a strong alcoholic drink traditionally made from recycled sugarcane. However, in our latitudes you can make rum at home. More details about rum...
At its core, rum is moonshine. The main thing is the raw materials from which rum is made, the recipe for preparing rum does not have a clear standard. There are varieties of rum that do not stand at all, but still usually rum is kept for some time in oak barrels. There are light, dark, gold, flavored rum. One of the most popular is Bacardi rum. Cocktails whose recipes use rum can be either very simple or very sophisticated. Inexpensive rum is usually used for cocktails, and aged rum is drunk on its own, like cognac. This is, for example, aged bacardi rum. You can choose a cocktail recipe for your taste. At home, Rom Bacardi is great for making cocktails. Dark rum has a more aged taste, for this it is not only drunk, but also added to various dishes. A classic example here would be the Bacardi black rum. The cocktails we offer you recipes are Mojito, martini rum, punch, cola rum. The recipe for the latest recipe is perhaps the easiest, which is why it is the most popular. A rum cola cocktail is a recipe that is made based on white rum. Lime and ice are also added to it. Real rum cannot always be bought, and many people cannot afford this imported drink. Therefore, many are interested in whether it is possible to make rum at home

conditions. Maybe! You can easily make homemade rum. Recipe and preparation of rum at home will require you to have alcohol or vodka, sugar, rum essence. It is also common to use vanilla and pineapple essence when cooking white rum at home. The mixture of these ingredients should be heated and bottled. There is also a recipe for moonshine rum, moonshine is even considered by some to be better than vodka, so it turns out more fragrant rum. The recipe at home, as you can see, is pretty simple. Hence the answer to the question becomes clear: how to replace rum in the recipe? In principle, even vodka is suitable, but if you need a flavor, add sugar and rum essence to it, or use cognac.