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Tinctures are a strong alcoholic drink with a strong taste and aroma. Tinctures are loved by both men and women. More details about tinctures... If you like fragrant alcohol with a nice finish, you should learn how to make a tincture. The word "tincture" comes from "insist, " and indeed, the preparation of tincture is essentially reduced to this process. Alcohol draws essential oils and other natural substances from products, as a result of which the tincture acquires aroma and color. It's not worth spending much time learning how to make a tincture. You just need to fill the raw materials with alcohol and wait, periodically shaking the bottle. But what to insist on is already a more important question. One of the most popular is the berry tincture: blackcurrant tincture, cherry tincture, redcurrant tincture, raspberry tincture. This is how sweet tinctures are prepared. But there are also bitter tinctures. Bitter tinctures at home are made from herbs and spices. Popular bitter alcohol tinctures, these are horseradish, pepper tincture, anise. In addition, bitter vodka tincture recipes can be multicomponent, homemade tincture on alcohol can contain several types of herbs and spices. In fact, these ingredients for tincture can be mixed, so a tincture of currant on alcohol often contains currant leaves for additional aroma. There are several ways to make a tincture. First, a variety of alcohol can be used. There are tinctures on vodka, tinctures on moonshine, tinctures on alcohol. The stronger the alcohol, the faster the tincture, so the recipes for alcohol tinctures are the fastest. Moonshine gives the tincture an additional taste. And ready-made homemade tinctures on alcohol are usually then diluted with water, since they are very strong. But vodka is easier to get, the same recipe for currant tincture can be both for alcohol and vodka, so often there are currant tincture on vodka, cherry tincture on vodka, raspberry tincture on vodka, cherry tincture. The tincture recipe may contain a recommendation such as heating to speed up the tincture preparation process. A homemade blackcurrant tincture, a homemade red currant tincture or any other tincture will decorate the festive table no worse than the expensive alcohol you buy.