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Liquors have been known since the Middle Ages, when alchemists and pharmacists tried to create an "elixir of life."More details about liqueurs...Liquors began to cook in order to improve health or even gain immortality. Indeed, infused with medicinal herbs, storing the benefits of fruits and berries, consumed in reasonable doses, such a liqueur will be useful. How to cook liquor of a particular famous brand is still kept secret by manufacturers. We will do it for nothing, we will be happy to tell you how to prepare liqueurs, photos will even show this process.

Many love homemade liqueurs for their naturalness, taste and aroma. Many tried them at a party and admired them, but they don't know how to make liquor. Meanwhile, everyone can make a delicious homemade liqueur. The recipe for liquor can be very different, it can use different ingredients, the liquor can eventually have a different strength. To summarize, the preparation of liquor is based on the insistence on alcohol or alcohol of any products: fruits or berries, aromatic herbs and roots, dairy products, even eggs. Usually distinguish between cream liqueur, dessert liqueur and strong liqueur. But this classification of liqueurs is conditional. Cream liqueurs are thick. Moreover, this is not necessarily creamy liqueur, chocolate liqueur, or coffee liqueur. Cherry liqueur or strawberry liqueur in the form of cream are also prepared. But dessert and strong homemade liqueurs are still more popular with us. Recipes for such liqueurs resemble tinctures. At home, red mountain ash liqueur, cherry chokeberry liqueur, orange liqueur, mint liqueur, cherry leaf chokeberry liqueur are often prepared. By the way, they are often added to home liquor, the cherry leaf gives the liquor a special aroma. You can also try to make some more interesting liquor at home. The recipe for very tasty and famous liqueurs is often not so difficult. You can make beilise liqueur at home, egg homemade liqueur. Beilise is a typical cream cream liqueur, prepared at home from condensed milk, eggs, coffee. You can make the famous Italian liqueur limoncello at home. Or even come up with some kind of liquor. The preparation of liqueurs always leaves room for your imagination and experiments.