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Kvass is an original, delicious and healthy drink. If you love natural drinks, you'll benefit from learning how to make kvass at home. More details about kvass... Many centuries ago, the Slavs learned to cook kvass. The recipes for cooking kvass are very different, various products can be fermented. When you learn how to make homemade kvass, you can also make it for a delicious okroshka, a beetroot. I must say that such kvass is more sour. For drinking, sweeter kvass is usually prepared. In general, there are two options for how to make kvass at home: with sourdough or with yeast. In both cases, you will get a real, absolutely natural kvass at home. A recipe for kvass at home will show you how to make homemade kvass, which, as they say, is "alive, " so it's only kept in a cool place for a few days. Cooking kvass at home does not cause any particular difficulties, does not require the presence of any special products. You can cook bread kvass at home, rye kvass, beet kvass. The recipe for wort kvass is convenient in that you do not have to tinker with bread and breadcrumbs. They bred wort, yeast, sugar, and put your kvass to dawn. Many are interested in how to make kvass at home with gaziks? Raisins are added to kvass for gasification. A recipe for dry kvass kvass is prepared in a similar way. But first you have to make wort out of it. If you don't have that raw material, you can use a recipe for homemade bread kvass, a recipe for rye flour kvass. Due to the fact that such products are usually eaten at home, most often people are interested in how to make kvass from bread, kvass from oats. The kvass recipe often uses, in addition to the basic ingredients, some additional ones that give kvass a special taste. For example, there is elderberry kvass, beet kvass, birch juice kvass. Kvass recipes contain other ingredients: horseradish, mint, honey. In any case, they will have to be fermented with something. But first, make bread kvass. The recipe for black bread kvass is one of the easiest. Rye crumbs, yeast and sugar are all you need. If you make a starter, you can make homemade kvass without yeast, the recipe for making a starter, again, is simple. Sourdough is an active, "raging" bacteria, so for this purpose you can also use permanent unfinished kvass.