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Coffee is a hot drink made from roasted coffee grains. According to legend, the first person who learned how to brew coffee was the abbot of the monastery, who was told about the unusual properties of coffee grains by an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi. The abbot was amazed by the invigorating effect of coffee, he showed how to make coffee to his monks, who often fell asleep during night prayers. More about coffee...Today, coffee making methods and coffee recipes are very diverse. Eastern coffee or Turkish coffee is made in Turk (Jeswe), usually with various spices. How to brew coffee in a Turk is known in any Turkish coffee shop. Coffee is usually brewed in jezwa over a low heat with small breaks of about 20 minutes. Coffee should not boil, a characteristic feature of Turkish coffee is the presence of foam. It is under the foam, like under the hat, that the unique aroma of coffee in Turkish is preserved. Recipes for coffee in Turk can vary in flavors. For example, in a similar way, only with the addition of sugar, cream and grated chocolate to coffee, a very tasty coffee is prepared - Viennese coffee. If you don't know how to make coffee properly at home, we'll teach you. Pour coffee into the Turka, pour hot water, heat. As soon as it starts to rise, take the coffee off the fire. Repeat this procedure again and pour coffee into cups. Now you know how to make coffee in a Turk.

Europeans have come up with their own ways of making coffee and recipes for making coffee. The most common are espresso coffee, in a filter coffee maker and a geyser-type coffee maker. Espresso coffee is made using a special device, a coffee machine. The preparation of espresso coffee is carried out as follows: hot water is supplied through ground coffee under pressure, which then flows into the cup. Often, the preparation of coffee does not end there. There's cinnamon coffee, cognac coffee, cream coffee, Irish whiskey coffee, even lemon coffee. Well, Italians generally came up with a lot of options for coffee and milk. Perhaps today is the most popular recipe for cappuccino coffee. Cappuccino coffee is a coffee with milk and lush foam. Coffee latte consists of a layer of cream, milk, coffee and milk foam. Machiato coffee - with a milk drop. Mocha coffee or mocaccino is coffee with chocolate. Coffee glassé - with ice cream. Coffee frappe - with ice. Europeans usually prefer to drink coffee in small cups, but Americans have come up with their own method of how to brew coffee. Americano coffee is made from one or two portions of espresso coffee and 30 to 400 ml of water.

And finally, about the calorie content of coffee. A cup of coffee contains only two calories, but coffee with milk, sugar - already much more.