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Tea is one of the most common hot drinks. There are many varieties of tea that are made from the leaves and upper shoots of the tea bush: black tea, green tea, puer tea, red tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea. In addition, by tea we traditionally mean various hot drinks based on herbs, this is the so-called. herbal teas. More details about tea... It is believed that the main admirers of tea are the British and Chinese. They already know a lot about tea, know how to brew tea correctly and how to drink tea correctly. And for the Japanese, this is generally a whole ceremony. We are mostly unceremonious people, we are used to just pouring boiling water over tea and drinking something tasty for them under a leisurely conversation. But if you really love tea and want to enjoy and benefit from eating it, check with the tea seller or read on the packaging how to brew it better because there is no one-size-fits-all tea-making recipe. Teas are black, white teas, red teas and green brews in different ways. By the way, the Chinese call our black tea red, focusing on the color of the drink, not the dried leaf. They never put sugar in tea.

Even before the leaves of the tea bush came to us, herbal teas were drunk in Russia. The most popular types of herbal teas are mint tea and chamomile tea. Tea is also prepared from St. John's wort, fragrance, lingonberry, balm. For many centuries, a hot drink was prepared in Russia using the Ivan tea or kipprey plant. Another traditional Russian tea is from rosehip berries. Rose hips are a champion in vitamin C content. That is why doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking rose hips tea during the cold season. At the same time, it is important to know how to brew rosehip tea in order to preserve the maximum amount of this vitamin. Tea or tea from Sudanese rose has a beneficial effect on the body and karkade. It has a pleasant sour taste. Healthy and delicious tea can be prepared with the addition of various spices and spices. For example, cinnamon tea and cardamom tea are popular. And if you want to warm up quickly, drip some cognac or rum into the hot tea. An excellent antiprostudal remedy is tea with ginger. For lovers of aromatic fruit teas, you can advise tea with lemon, tea with orange and cinnamon, apple tea with cinnamon, apple tea with orange, tea with honey and cinnamon. Apple tea is prepared from both dried apples and apple trees. Sometimes milk is added to the tea. It is customary to drink tea with milk not only in England, the famous Indian masala tea is also made from milk and spices. And the most fatty tea, with milk and oil, is prepared by the Buryats and Mongols.