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Dumplings dough

Dumplings dough plays an essential role in the preparation of delicious dumplings. More details about dough for dumplings... Everyone wants to make a delicious dumpling dough so that it is tender, and dumplings do not fall apart. But not everyone knows how to make dumpling dough right. We'll tell you and show you how to make dumpling dough so your dumplings just melt in your mouth. When you learn how to make dumpling dough, you can make it for other dishes, such as dumplings.

You can choose the recipe of dough for dumplings according to your desire. There can't be one better dough for dumplings. When you think about how to make dumpling dough, you will focus on your own tastes, and they, as you know, are different for everyone. For example, there are dumplings with dough on kefir, dough for dumplings without eggs, dough for dumplings on water, dough for dumplings on milk, dumplings on yeast dough. Pastry for dumplings with potatoes, pastry for dumplings with cottage cheese can be cooked in different ways. Recipe dough for dumplings with potatoes can be ascetic: water, flour, salt. But it is better to replace water with milk, so you get tastier dumplings. Dough, a recipe on kefir if used, will be more lush. Accordingly, there will be more delicate dumplings. The recipe for kefir dough is suitable for cooking dumplings with cherries. The recipe for dough for dumplings can also use sour cream, it is also often added to the dough. Cherry dumplings are a recipe loved by adults and children alike. Dough for dumplings with berries is prepared with addition of vegetable oil and kefir. Using kefir dumpling dough, you can make cherry dumpling dough, blueberry dumpling dough, strawberry dumpling dough. If you're planning to make dumplings with cherries, custard dough is also a great option. Steamed dumpling dough is prepared with kefir added. This is how you get very soft dumplings for steam. The dough recipe also happens with an egg that holds the dough together well, as a result of which your steamed dumplings will not fall apart. The dough, which we can also recommend a recipe for steamed dumplings, is cooked on yeast.

The dough for dumplings in the bakery is convenient to knead, because the bakery keeps the set temperature for a long time, and the dough for dumplings is well standing in the bakery. The recipe for such dough for dumplings does not differ from the usual one, just a bakery will make the cooking process more convenient. A few words, how to knead dough for dumplings. We sift through the flour, make a depression in it, drive in the egg and pour in the liquid - water, kefir, milk. Next, knead until the dough stops sticking to your hands. You can look at our photo recipes to see how to knead the dough for dumplings.