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Dough for fried pies

Pasty dough will largely determine the fate of your pasties. More details about pasty dough...
Did you get an "order" for delicious patties? The first thing to think about is what and how to make pasty dough. The recipe for pasty dough is an individual choice. Perhaps the only type of dough that does not make pies is liquid. Otherwise, your choice is wide: yeast and yeast-free dough for pies, pastry dough on kefir, pastry on water on pies, puff dough. It is desirable that the pasty pastry is fried, so yeast or kefir pastry is used for pasties. If you are not satisfied with the recipe for kefir dough for pies due to your lack of kefir, look at sour cream in the refrigerator, it is also suitable. It also makes a wonderful dough for fried patties, it will especially appeal to those who consider yeast dough to be time-consuming and heavy. But if you need to make quick pasty dough, use dry yeast, the pasty dough will soon be ready, because you don't have to wait for it to rise. Another option for making dough fast for patties is to use the same kefir in combination with soda. Such a recipe for pasty dough can be diversified by the addition of eggs, oil. You can use this dough for pasties in the oven or fried pasties. The recipe for pasty dough in the oven may be different, for example, you can knead a very tasty side dough, which is high in sugar and butter. In general, choose and make pies from home dough, even if you are not afraid of the supposedly complex dough for pies, the recipe can be chosen with a photo, then it will be easier for you to cook.