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Pizza dough

Pizza dough is made from a minimum set of products, the secret is to knead it correctly. More details about pizza dough...Real pizza can be made at home, and you can perfectly make pizza dough at home. Homemade pizza dough should meet the main criterion of pizza dough: it must be elastic so that you can stretch it well with your hands and end up with a thin cake. How to make pizza dough right? - ask you. Well, let's look at how to make pizza dough quickly and correctly. The recipe for pizza dough is recognized as even more important than the recipe for its filling. Delicious pizza dough is the key to delicious pizza. It is very important that you get a thin pizza dough. The recipe for fine pizza dough traditionally includes yeast. But yeast-free pizza dough can also be made. The recipe for yeast-free pizza dough uses products traditional for non-yeast dough as a starter. To do this, prepare dough for pizza on kefir, dough for pizza on milk. Quick and simple pizza dough can be made with dry, fast-playing yeast. Even if you don't have much experience with the dough, surely you can make the simplest pizza dough. After all, for its manufacture, flour, water, salt, sugar, yeast and oil are needed. Ideally, yeast pizza dough is made from a mixture of regular flour and durum grade, but our ordinary flour is suitable. At the same time, usually many tend to cook dough for pizza quickly. Indeed, quick pizza dough can be made in 20 minutes. We recommend not to rush to get a good pizza dough. Just take 10-15 more minutes. Firstly, in order to get a thin pizza dough, you need to mix it out well. That's the secret, too, to making pizza dough: knead it for 10 minutes until it's stretchy, will not tear so that you, as a real pizzaiolo, can stretch it out with your hands to the size of a future pizza. The recipe for dough for Italian pizza recommends letting it stand for 20 minutes, during which time flour will swell and yeast will play. As a result, your homemade pizza dough won't tear, which is essential to make the thin pizza dough tasty. In addition, the dough for Italian pizza is definitely cooked with the addition of olive oil. If you still have questions, see how pizza dough is made with photo instructions. Follow step by step on the recipe and you get a real pizza dough. Photo recipe will help someone who is still on the "you" with the test. And don't be afraid you get dry pizza dough, real pizza shouldn't be wet. Still, some like the lush pizza dough, which is made liquid. Pizza batter is often cooked on kefir or sour cream, flour is sifted to saturate with oxygen, soda is extinguished with vinegar. The result is a lush batter that is poured into a baking dish.

The answer to the question of how to make pizza dough in a bakery will be similar. Everything is even easier here, since the main thing is to lay the ingredients of the dough in the correct sequence, the machine will do everything else for you.