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Puff pastry

Puff dough is obtained from thin layers of dough lubricated with fat. More details about puff dough... Recipes from puff dough are very diverse, many peoples have them, although it is believed that puff dough was invented in France. For example, the famous Turkish baklava is also made from layer dough. Puff dough comes in two types: puff yeast dough and puff yeast dough. Recipes for chewless puff dough usually do not even use soda or kefir, because the dough does not have to be fluffy. To make the layered dough more sticky, sometimes citric acid is added to make vodka more crisp. Puff yeast pastry is more delicate than puff yeast-free pastry. To properly prepare the layered yeast dough, it must be kept in the cold. At least one and a half to two hours, puff dough should be kept in the refrigerator. What to cook with puff dough? - ask you. The French, for example, love to make croissants from it. For example, puff pastry croissants with cheese and ham are delicious and satisfying. Or some sweet ones. A product that can only be made from puff pastry is, of course, delicate layers. They are particularly delicious when homemade puff dough is used. Puffs aren't the only thing you can make with puff pastry. Here you have pies, pies, pizza, strudel, and khachapuri, which can also be made using puff dough. Pastries made of puff pastry can contain a variety of filling options. Popular is puff dough with apples, puff dough with curd, puff dough with cheese, with cherries puff dough. The photo will show how to knead, roll and fold puff dough correctly. The recipe with the photo can be chosen according to your taste, depending on what layer dough you will cook, with what filling. To save time, you can of course buy puff pastry and make something delicious from the finished puff pastry. The photo will help decorate and beautifully serve your pies, puffs, croissants, tartlets and more. The recipe for layer dough with a photo is the key to a successful solution to the problem called DIY layer dough. So boldly for business, gentlemen culinary!