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Supplementary dough

Additional dough - with a high content of sugar and oil. More details about the additional dough...
Tell me, who does not like bread rolls or bread pasties? Well, you still need to look for such. Delicious hearty dough will leave few people indifferent. It is believed that the products from the dough, this is the prerogative of our grandmothers. After all, they not only know how to make a kind dough, but also have enough time for this. But even if you have cut out a little time and want to please your loved ones, it's time to find out how to cook some dough. Baking from it turns out to be tasty and sweet due to the large amount of sugar, fat, eggs. This is how you prepare side dough for pies, side dough for buns, a recipe for side dough for pies. Sweet dough is especially loved by children. You can add pasty dough

use for the preparation of a variety of pies: with cherries, cabbage, meat, apples. If you need to make a side dough for pies, one of the best options will be a recipe for a side yeast dough. For delicious pies, also choose the extra dough for yeast pies. For buns - a recipe for side dough for buns. Most choose just such a kind of dough. Preparation of such dough does not necessarily include yeast. There is not only extra yeast dough, the recipe for non-yeast dough will show you how to make additional fresh dough, which is prepared with soda. Otherwise, the recipe for fresh side dough includes other ingredients traditional for dough: sugar, butter or margarine, milk, cream, or sour cream, eggs, flour, salt. You can also make a side dough on kefir. To make your additional dough lush, it is better to sift the flour, so it will be enriched with oxygen, and the dough will not clump. As a result, we get a magnificent side dough. A recipe with a photo will show you all these simple operations step by step. It is convenient to cook additional dough in a bakery: less dirty dishes, such additional dough is well kneaded. The photo will show you what it looks like in practice.