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Pasty dough

Pasty dough can be different: yeast, custard, sour, fresh, sandy, pancake, stuffed, puff, chopped, creamy, sour cream... Not only ordinary ingredients can be added to it, but even cognac, vodka... You will learn all these wisdom from our recipes for cake dough.If you have fried or baked pies in your plans, first you need to decide what kind of pastry you want to make. Everyone chooses the recipe for cake dough based on their tastes, which, as you know, are not argued about. There is yeast pastry, such as dry yeast pastry, yeast-free pastry (kefir pastry) and a host of other options for making delicious pastry. The pastry dough should be lush anyway, so even when they want to make a quick pastry dough, they use yeast or kefir, without them the dough will not rise. It is convenient to prepare pastry dough in a bakery, since you only need to load the ingredients into it in the correct sequence and select the "Dough kneading" function.