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Shortbread is especially tiny, you can't confuse it with anything. Very little time and produce and you'll have shortbread ready. Sand dough products are therefore always popular. More details about shortbread dough... In families where delicious homemade pastries are valued, shortbread invariably takes the role of the favorite. The most popular recipes from shortbread, this is of course a sweet pastry. Here you can call bagels from shortbread, cookies from shortbread, baskets from shortbread, pie cottage cheese with shortbread. Making shortbread is simple in itself. It is only important to knead it correctly, for this look at our photos of sand dough. Shortbread dough will require a minimum of food from you. You'll need flour, margarine, salt and sugar. We knead and get shortbread. The preparation and recipe of shortbread for cookies, shortbread for baskets can use not only margarine, but also butter. It is believed that this makes even better and tastier shortbread, the recipe with a photo is no different from where shortbread is prepared with margarine. Another option to make shortbread is to add egg yolks to it. This is how you can make delicious shortbread dough for cookies. The recipe for shortbread cake can be different, often making shortbread pastry. Shortbread pastry for pie holds its shape well, so shortbread pastry is often made into open pies filled with: shortbread with cherries, shortbread with strawberries, shortbread with blueberries, shortbread with apples, shortbread with jam, with pear shortbread. The recipe with cottage cheese is prepared in the form of a layer of cake: a layer of crumbs from shortbread, stop the cottage cheese, then we put the shortbread again. The photo will show you how this happens in practice. So first, figure out what pie you want to make, and then choose shortbread for the pie. A recipe for shortbread with a photo will help you make the dough correctly, show you how to make shortbread for a pie, cookie or cake. The recipe for shortbread dough with cottage cheese can be diversified with the addition of vanilla, cinnamon, candied fruits.