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Biscuit dough

Biscuit dough is used to make cake and biscuit-based cakes. A characteristic feature of the biscuit is the tender and sponge-soft pastry. More details about biscuit dough... The baked biscuit itself is very tasty, but one of its main advantages is that it is very suitable for impregnation. Therefore, biscuit dough is used to make air cakes, pies and cakes. The recipe for biscuit dough is quite simple, the main thing here is to observe the specified proportions and consistently add ingredients. Arm yourself with a mixer and for the cause! Step by step, we'll show you how to make a charlotte sponge pastry, how to make a cake sponge pastry. The recipe for biscuit dough is already half the recipe for cake or other pastry. It remains only to miss the cake or pour some delicious cream over the biscuit.