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Cheesecakes with sour cream

Cheesecakes with sour cream can simply be served on the table, or cooked with sour cream. More details about cheesecakes with sour cream... Sour cream cheesecakes are a recipe to help you make more delicate and lush cheesecakes. Cheese cheese from cottage cheese with sour cream is loved not only by children, but also by adults. To make curd cheesecakes with sour cream, you can simply add a little sour cream to the curd mass. After that, you can fry in a pan or cook cheesecakes in the oven with sour cream. Delicious cheesecakes baked with sour cream can be made by first frying the cheesecakes a little on both sides, and then transfer them to a sauté pan, pour sour cream, and bake in the oven. Finally, you can cook in any way, and then just water and serve cheesecakes with sour cream. Photo the recipe for cheesecakes with sour cream will show you how to knead the curd mass, cook in a pan or in the oven, and serve cheesecakes with sour cream beautifully.