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Carrot cheesecakes

Cheesecakes with carrots are doubly healthy. And also cheesecakes with carrots have a cheerful orange color. More details about cheesecakes with carrots...
Cheesecakes with carrots - a recipe that combines the benefits of cottage cheese and carrots. Curd cheesecakes with carrots, eggs and manka are a pretty hearty breakfast. But just for tea or coffee, you can serve mouth-watering cheesecakes with carrots. Carrot cheesecakes will be especially useful if you make raw carrot cheesecakes. But more often they cook cheesecakes with carrots stuffed in water with margarine. Carrots for cheesecakes are grated on a grater and added to the curd mass. For taste, vanilla sugar and raisins are added to cheesecakes with carrots.