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Breadcrumbs - sliced and dried bread. In addition to the fact that dryness increases the shelf life, crackers perfectly absorb many flavors and are used as an ingredient in some dishes. Crackers at home are made by many hostesses. More details about crackers... How to make crackers? Very simple, first you need to choose: you will make crackers in the oven or crackers in the microwave. The breadcrumbs in the oven are cooked for 10-15 minutes at 150-180 ° C, and for 20-30 minutes at 80 ° C. In any case, you need to mix them periodically. The crackers in the microwave are prepared in the same way. So you can cook very tasty homemade crackers. Crackers, the recipe of which contains salt and spices, are very respected by beer lovers, they are also suitable for preparing many dishes. You already know how to dry breadcrumbs in the oven, so before you start drying breadcrumbs, pour vegetable or butter with spices and salt over them. If you like garlic crackers, add dry or grated fresh garlic to the butter or vegetable oil, and pour them over the crackers. Suharika's garlic recipe is otherwise called "garliki. "

If you are interested in the calorie content of crumbs, then it fully corresponds to the calorie content of the bread from which they were made. The same applies to the benefits of crackers: this is the same bread minus water.

Breadcrumbs - crumbs of dry bread, used to prepare many fried dishes - from meat, fish, vegetables. You've probably already wondered how to make breadcrumbs yourself. Again, nothing complicated: dried bread, crushed with a gurney or other tool, sifted through a sieve. The recipe for breadcrumbs often contains salt and spices, which must be mixed with the resulting bread crumbs.

There are a lot of other ways to make crackers, which you can find on our website. Well, if you have your own recipe for crackers, share it with our culinary experts.