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Apple pie

If simple, Charlotte is an apple pie. Although this pie is called charlotte, its recipe is very similar to apple biscuit. As for the name of Charlotte, there is a romantic story about a hopelessly in love cook who figured out how to cook Charlotte with apples and dedicated this recipe to the lady of his heart Charlotte. That's how the Charlotte pie came about. More details about Charlotte... How to cook Charlotte is known in France, England, America, Russia. But in fact, today there are several rather different pies behind this name. The classic charlotte with apples was invented in France, it is made from white bread, custard and apples. Some believe that the French recipe for charlotka with apples is French-reworked English sweet bread pudding with apples. The preparation of charlotte usually took place in the fall, during the harvest of apples. Charlotte with apples quickly won the hearts and stomachs of Europeans, and, in the end, how to bake Charlotte with apples was also learned in Russia. Although apple pie has long been made here, the charlotte was received with a bang. Moreover, in Russia, his Charlotte recipe was invented. True, how to bake Charlotte was still invented by the Frenchman, Marie Antoine Karem, who was in the service of Alexander I. And much later, this complex biscuit dessert made of cookies, Bavarian cream and cream, was significantly simplified and a simple Charlotte recipe appeared.

Apple charlotte has become so popular largely due to the availability of the filling - apples. So if you don't know how to cook a charlotte with apples, we hasten to please you: everything is very simple. In fact, our usual apple charlotte, the recipe of which is so popular with housewives, is a biscuit filled with apples. Charlotte dough is not difficult, the main thing is to beat it well. There is charlotte on kefir or charlotte on sour cream. Charlotte is prepared in the microwave, Charlotte in the slow cooker also turns out perfectly. A very tasty charlotte with apples and cinnamon. It would seem that such a small detail, and Charlotte's apple pie, the recipe of which does not actually leave much room for experimentation, acquires shades of a new taste and aroma. Cooking charlotte with apples is not a hard rule. Charlotte's recipe may include pears, plums, various berries. If you are still interested in Charlotte with apples, the recipe with a photo will tell you the necessary sequence of actions. And you get a very tasty charlotte, a recipe with a photo is a really useful thing, it's a pity that the photo is inedible.