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Pita rolls

Pita rolls are a cross between sandwich, tartlet and canape. Pita bread roll provides great scope for realizing the fantasies and tastes of the cook. More details about pita rolls...
Pita bread roll is a recipe for a simple, delicious and beautiful snack. After we first saw and tried this dish in a cafe or restaurant, we wanted to cook a tasty and original pita roll at home. The recipe for shawarma, in principle, is the same recipe for pita bread roll. With one big NO. In the shawarma, all the filling is inside, and in the roll it is distributed in layers. This is due to the fact that several sheets of pita bread are used, with which the filling is laid, and then the pita bread is twisted with a dense roll. The roll is usually cut into pieces. It turns out a beautiful dish, since the section shows the appetising filling with which the pita roll is prepared. Fillings for pita roll can be, in fact, any. Lavash is a delicious wrapper in which you can wrap meat, fish, vegetables, salads, and much more. They prepare a roll of pita bread with cheese, a roll of pita bread with salmon, pita roll with crab sticks, pita roll with mushrooms, pita roll with chicken, pita roll with ham, pita roll with fish, pita roll with carrots, pita roll with egg, pita roll with cottage cheese, minced pita roll, canned pita roll, pita roll with cucumber, pita roll with greens. For convenience of use, you can prepare pita rolls, they are smaller in size. To do this, you just need to make the roll sweeter. Pita roll, or rather pita rolls, is an excellent buffet dish. As a rule, it is served as a cold snack, but you can also make a hot pita roll. To see how to properly wrap the roll, be sure to look at the pita roll recipe with photo prompts.