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Eggplant rolls

Eggplant rolls are a delicious festive snack. Eggplant rolls decorate the table and delight in their savoury taste. More details about eggplant rolls...
The recipe for eggplant rolls comes in handy if you're looking to make a varied festive table. However, eggplant rolls can also be prepared for family dinner. The main thing is to buy eggplants, after that you can choose any of the recipes, simpler or more original. And choose from what, there are eggplant rolls with cheese and tomatoes, eggplant rolls with chicken, eggplant rolls with mince, eggplant rolls with cheese and garlic, eggplant rolls with carrots, eggplant rolls with mushrooms, eggplant rolls with cottage cheese. Many people love savory eggplant rolls with nuts, they are also called eggplant rolls in Georgian. They are prepared from walnuts with garlic, and, of course, with a condiment of hop-suneli. Another popular recipe is Korean eggplant rolls. So pick your recipe for eggplant rolls, cook and take laudatory odes in your honor.