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Gingerbread - a flour confection baked from a special dough with the addition of honey, nuts, spices, dry fruit and powdered. The name "gingerbread" comes from the word "spicy," i.e. created using spices. More details about gingerbread... The first gingerbread recipes in Russia appeared around the 9th century, and by the 18th-19th centuries. gingerbread production was already flourishing in many cities of Russia, from the name of which gingerbread got its name. The most famous were Tula gingerbread, of which there are many species. Some of the most popular are Tula gingerbread with pepper, it is easy to make them. If you want to cook a Tula gingerbread, the recipe for it will require you to stencil for baking.

The taste variety of gingerbread depends on the dough, spices and other additives. There are gingerbread with pepper, honey gingerbread, gingerbread gingerbread, chocolate gingerbread, kefir gingerbread. A characteristic component of gingerbread dough is the "wife" - caramelized brown sugar syrup, which gives the gingerbread its color. A gingerbread glaze is made separately.

Homemade gingerbread is much tastier than store gingerbread. Therefore, you highly recommend the recipe Honey gingerbread, the recipe Gingerbread on kefir, the recipe Ginger gingerbread, the recipe chocolate gingerbread, as well as gingerbread cake. And if something is not clear to you in the text, gingerbread recipes with photos will help you. For those who are used to counting the calories consumed, we remind you that the calorie content of gingerbread varies from 330 to 400 Kcal, depending on the recipe for gingerbread, filling. Properly made and beautifully painted gingerbread glazes are a real work of art that you want to save for posterity with the help of photos.