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Apple pies

Apple pies, cooked at home, do not compare with purchased ones. More details about pies with apples...
Apple pies are a recipe for those who like pies themselves, or want to treat their loved ones. The recipe for apple pies comes in two main types, these are apple pies fried and baked apple pies. In turn, the pies with apples in the oven are also different. It all depends on the dough, there are puff pies with apples and yeast pies with apples. Patties with apples made of puff dough are a little more time-consuming, but they turn out to be more delicate. The stuffing from apples for pies is prepared both from grated raw apples, and from chopped and fried in butter. Often apple patties are made with cinnamon-flavored filling. Sometimes nuts and raisins are used, they also produce very fragrant apple pies. Recipes with photos will come in handy if you want to make delicious and beautiful apple pies.