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Cheese pies

You can immediately recognize pies with cheese by its special aroma. More details about pies with cheese... To begin with, you should decide how to make pies with cheese you want. There are two kinds of cheese pies: oven cheese pies and fried cheese pies. Pies with cheese in a pan are fried in vegetable oil. Cheese patty dough, as with other patties, is a matter of your taste and having time. The cheese patty recipe may use yeast dough, a non-yeast pasty such as kefir cheese patties. You can make layered pies with cheese, and even make pita pies with cheese. The filling for cheese pies is very diverse, you can even say that just cheese pies are prepared less often than the filling for cheese pies, which includes some other products, is used. After all, thanks to the cheese, any cheese pies acquire a special aroma. Whether you cook tomato and cheese pies, sausage and cheese pies, ham and rum pies, cheese and egg pies, mushroom and cheese pies, onion and cheese pies, spinach and cheese pies, the cheese will always feel good. It is advisable to choose hard, well-seasoned varieties of cheese, but there is also a recipe for cheese pies that will help you make delicious pies with melted cheese. Cheese goes very well with dill and parsley, so it makes sense to make pies with cheese and herbs.