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Onion and egg pies

Onion and egg pies in the oven or fried ones are some of the most popular and delicious unsweetened pies.
Homemade pies with onions and eggs disappear from the table very quickly. They are suitable for almost every meal. Fragrant and delicious pies with onions and eggs are real homemade food, you can't buy such pies. You have to make pies with egg and onions once, their recipe is not difficult, and then you will cook such pies very often and quickly. Pies with onions and eggs can be made from a variety of dough: yeast, yeast-free, on kefir, sour cream, milk or on water. Many people like baked pies with onions and eggs. And for fans of fried dough - fried pies. Onions with eggs can be diversified with rice, meat and cheese.