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Chicken pies

Chicken patties are the easiest and fastest way to make hearty patties with meat. More details about chicken pies...
For tea, for dinner, for breakfast or for a snack - there is always a reason to make chicken pies. The recipe for chicken pies can be tailored to suit your tastes, because the dough, filling and technology of how to make chicken pies can vary significantly. Yeast dough chicken patties are the most popular. But you can also make yeast-free chicken pies. For example, chicken pies on kefir. Very tender are layered chicken pies. And if there is no time or desire to tinker with dough, you can even make pita pies with chicken. Chicken patty stuffing, it's not just exclusively chicken meat. Chicken and cheese pies, chicken and mushroom pies, egg and chicken pies, chicken and cabbage pies, chicken and potato pies, chicken and onion pies, chicken and tomato pies are prepared. The chicken filling for the pies is pre-boiled and passed through a meat grinder. But it's not just in the meat grinder that the pie filling can be made, the chicken can simply be sliced into small pieces with a knife. In addition, when making chicken pies, a little chicken broth is added to the filling so that it is more juicy. Oven baked chicken pies are cooked, and fried chicken pies are made in a frying pan.