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Filling for pies

The filling for the pies is no less important than the dough. Not only do you need to know how to make the filling for pies tasty, the filling of pies should also be correct in terms of placing it inside the pie. More details about fillings for pies... Recipes for filled pies do not pay increased attention to the preparation of the filling for nothing, sometimes even singling out pies and fillings for pies in separate recipes. Two types of pies can be distinguished: fried pies and oven pies. The fillings for pies are similar in both cases, because the main difference here is the method of making dough. It doesn't matter if you cook baked or fried patties, oven patty toppings or roast patty toppings should be as delicious as possible. After all, the basis of the taste of the pie is the filling for the pie. Stuffed pies are sweet and unsweetened. Filling in pies, as a rule, is pre-prepared. But it happens that you can immediately put it in pies. Sweet fillings, such as jam, can be put without preparation. If you want to use pie apples for filling, the apple filling can be made in several ways: raw apples are simply rubbed and poured with sugar or simmered. Unsweetened filling for pies, this is meat, fish, etc. There is a kale filling for pies, a potato filling for pies, a sorrel filling for pies, a kale filling for pies with mushrooms. Very popular are rice patty filling, onion patty filling, egg patty filling, onion egg patty filling, egg patty filling, egg and cheese patty filling. If you are interested in filling for yeast pies, pay attention to such filling recipes: filling for pies with cabbage and mushrooms, filling for pies with cabbage and mince, filling for pies with cabbage and potatoes, with cherries yeast pies. Pie toppings, recipe, photos and comments will tell and show you how to make delicious toppings and delicious filled pies. Recipes of interesting and extraordinary fillings will delight you with a new taste.