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Dumplings are a famous dish of Russian cuisine, having ancient Chinese, Finno-Ugric, Turkic and Slavic roots. The modern name comes from the Udmurt "dumplings" - "bread ear." Dumplings analogues exist in many cuisines in the world. The taste, satiety and convenience of storage made dumplings extremely popular, ready-made dumplings can be bought at any grocery store. But, of course, the most delicious dumplings are homemade. In order to make delicious dumplings, first of all you need a good recipe for dough for dumplings, a recipe for minced meat for dumplings and a little skill. Good recipes for homemade dumplings, dumplings dough recipes, dumplings mince recipes, as well as answers to questions: how to sculpt dumplings, how to cook dumplings, how to cook dumplings, how to fry dumplings in a pan, how to bake dumplings in the oven, how to make dumplings in a pot, lazy dumplings, you will find on our website.