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Croutons are toasted pieces of bread. Croutons can be different in size - from the small pieces that are put in the soup to whole slices of bread, otherwise called toast. Now more and more people are interested not just in how to make croutons, but in how to cook croutons correctly and how to make croutons tasty? More details about croutons...First of all, let's list the main types of croutons. There are sweet and salty croutons, black bread croutons, loaf croutons, white bread and any other. Croutons recipes can be self-contained, but are often part of more complex recipes.

How to make croutons? The bread pieces are fried in vegetable oil, butter or margarine. According to the recipes of sweet croutons, bread is usually pre-soaked with milk, and then sprinkled with sugar or powdered sugar. Making croutons requires the main thing - attention. A little distracted, and the croutons will burn. Delicious croutons are obtained from those who are in no hurry and do not make the fire on the stove too big.

How to make croutons with egg? Very simple: before frying the croutons, dip them into beaten eggs, or pour the egg directly onto the preparing croutons.

How to make garlic croutons? Rub the ready-made toasted croutons with salted garlic puree. There is another option for how to make garlic croutons. Fry chopped garlic in a frying pan, then put bread there. But remember that garlic burns very quickly.

Croutons with egg, croutons with cheese, croutons sweet - a great dish for breakfast or for a snack. Garlic croutons are more often used as a snack, eating them in the morning is not recommended, otherwise all colleagues will run away from work. To eat garlic croutons too.

Beer croutons are a classic. These are, of course, salty croutons. Here we recommend you the following recipes: garlic croutons, croutons with garlic, croutons with garlic and cheese, garlic croutons made of black bread. If you have your author's recipe for croutons for beer, then, as they say, your recipe, our beer: )