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Lean meals cleanse the soul and body. The lean table is observed for a long time several times a year, besides this there are lean days, so recipes for preparing lean dishes for many are very necessary. More details about lean dishes, recipes for a lean menu, lean salads, lean soups, lean cookies, lean cutlets, lean pies...
The post comes, the lean menu becomes relevant and we remember about lean recipes. Lean food really helps to relieve the body, but do not forget that a lean diet is contraindicated in certain categories of people: children, sick, pregnant.

Many religions have prescriptions for dishes and nutrition, and Orthodox cooking also has them. Lenten dishes for every day can be found out in advance and make a lenten menu for the time of fasting. It is easy to do this by choosing for convenience lean dishes recipes with photos, simple lean recipes with photos, lean cuisine recipes with photos, lean dishes with photos. Especially if fasting is long, delicious lean food begins to interest. In principle, delicious lean recipes and the most delicious lean dishes are a little contrary to the spirit of fasting, because fasting and dishes of a lean table, recipes for dishes during fasting, especially recipes for dishes during great fasting, were invented just not for pleasure. But if you interpret lean food not so strictly, then the recipes of lean food and even the culinary recipes of lean tasty can help to observe fasting to the end.

As you know, the preparation of lean dishes, recipes in the post do not allow the use of meat. There is no unequivocal answer to the questions of what is eaten on fasting days, what is eaten on fasting days, how to prepare fasting dishes, which recipes to choose for fasting, because fasts are different. One thing is lean cuisine in strict fasting, and the other is lean cuisine in non-strict fasting. So if you're interested in a lean dinner, a lean lunch, a lean breakfast - the recipes can be very different. For example, Lenten dishes in Lent are stricter. It is on such days that we prepare lean dishes strict. But there's other lean food, too. Recipes for lean meals on lax days can use fish and vegetable oils. But even from a strictly limited list of lean foods, you can make delicious lean dishes. Simple lean dishes, recipes for fasting that do not require much effort and time - these are various salads, porridge, mashed potatoes. Lean dishes, recipes with legumes will be especially useful, since beans are able to replace meat.

It must be understood that lean Orthodox cuisine will not make you starve, a lean table, recipes for a lean table may well saturate your body. Except for a few days of Lent. But this is how the lean menu differs, the recipes are no frills.

We hope that with the help of our website you will find the right fasting menu and food during fasting will not be an overwhelming test for you.