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Moldavian cuisine

Moldovan cuisine, thanks to the climate and geographical location of this country, received at its disposal a lot of vegetables, fruits and other delicious products. More details about Moldavian cuisine...
Moldavian cuisine was formed under the influence of Greek, Turkish, Ukrainian and other neighboring national cuisines. Nature gave Moldova fertile soil and a warm climate, so Moldavian cuisine is replete with vegetables and fruits.

Recipes from vegetables are generally famous for Moldavian cuisine. Recipes for cold and hot vegetable snacks are very varied indeed. Popular recipes for soups of Moldavian cuisine, these are chorba and zama. Of the second courses, the most famous

mamalyga, which is served with squash, meat, sour cream. Recipes for Moldavian cuisine often use the famous brynza - sheep's cheese. The traditional Moldavian meat dish is mititei, elongated cutlets. Salads in Moldavian cuisine are usually made from fresh vegetables, but often they are also twisted for the winter. There are many marinades in Moldavian cuisine. Classic flour products of Moldavian cuisine are considered

placindas and turntables. And of course, any dish of Moldavian cuisine becomes even tastier when the famous Moldavian wine is served to it. With all this, it should be noted that all these dishes are simple and very homemade, which is why many people like Moldavian cuisine so much. Recipes with photos of Moldavian cuisine will be a good incentive for you to prepare them.