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Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is a synthesis of the traditional cuisine of the natives of Mexico - the Aztecs and the conquerors of the Spaniards. More on Mexican cuisine...
The most famous dishes of Mexican cuisine are enchiladas, quesadilla, tortilla, fajito. An interesting dish of burrito, a kind of fast food that Mexican cuisine offers. Recipes with photos of burritos are very reminiscent of the shawarma already familiar to us. And of course drinks - cocoa and tequila. Tomatoes are very popular, meat dishes of Mexican cuisine are often prepared with avocado. Both pork and beef are cooked, but

especially Mexican cuisine loves chicken. As you know, many Mexican recipes are very spicy, and chili peppers are the hallmark of Mexican cuisine. The fact is that spicy seasoning helps to maintain the fitness of food in a hot climate for longer. Salsa is another sauce that Mexican cuisine is proud of. Garnish recipes predominantly consist of rice, beans and corn.