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Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is somewhat reminiscent of Japanese and Chinese, but at the same time, Korean recipes cannot be confused with others. More details about Korean cuisine...
Korean cuisine is very healthy and balanced. It is replete with vegetables, fish. The main meat, pork, is often served with spicy sauerkraut vegetables, which helps digest fatty foods. But most of all Korean cuisine reveres the drawing. Korean recipes use well-known products, the main thing is to know how to prepare them. For example, Korean salads are usually made from sauerkraut, boiled vegetables, and vegetables are often also pre-fried or topped with boiling oil. At the same time, the main secret of the taste of Korean salads is that hot red peppers are slightly fried in hot oil, and then dishes are seasoned with them. Korean dishes in general often use red peppers, combined with garlic, onions. Many dishes are prepared using soy sauce, be sure to stock it up if you are interested in Korean cuisine. Korean recipes also

coriander is often used. If you like sharp, you will undoubtedly like Korean cuisine, recipes with photos of all the actions done will be very useful to you.