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Kazakh cuisine

Kazakh cuisine is the cuisine of a nomadic people. Endless steppes, herds of rams, horses, or wild animals, fish rivers - for centuries were the main sources of food for Kazakhs. More details about Kazakh cuisine...
Kazakh national cuisine has developed for centuries in accordance with the lifestyle of Kazakhs. Kazakh dishes are not suitable for a vegetarian. Barina, beef and horse meat in them are the main ingredient. Kazakhs even have camel meat in use. Recipes of Kazakh cuisine contain few vegetables, mainly onions and various herbs. Noodles for beshbarmak and lagman, Kazakh manti, of course meat filling are prepared from dough. Of the drinks, tea is popular and, of course, kumys, fermented milk products are generally widely used by Kazakh cuisine. Recipes of modern Kazakh cuisine were influenced by neighboring peoples, especially Central Asian. Kebabs, samsa, various desserts and sweets are in use.