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Caucasian cuisine

Caucasian cuisine is as diverse as the Caucasus itself. More details about Caucasian cuisine...
The mountainous terrain influenced recipes for Caucasian cuisine. It is dominated by sheep meat, cheese and fermented milk products, if the fish is trout. At the same time, there are different climatic zones in the Caucasus, so the simple food of the highlanders, who cannot boast of a large variety of products, is combined in Caucasian cuisine with the abundance that the foothills and fertile valleys give to the Caucasians. In addition, Caucasian cuisine is few, but uses the gifts of the Black Sea. In view of all these reasons, the dishes of Caucasian cuisine are very different, they also reflect the beliefs and traditions of numerous Caucasian peoples and nationalities. The higher the mountains, the simpler the cuisine, the lower, the more complicated the Caucasian cuisine. Recipes for the first Caucasian dishes are usually fatty. Pork is rare even in Christians, more often lamb and beef. Chicken is often cooked. The warmer the climate, the more vegetables and fruits this or that Caucasian cuisine contains. Recipes with photos will help you prepare real dishes of Caucasian cuisine.